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 - Anika Wa (2.07.2011)

 Thank you, Elif Shafak, for sharing your ability to write and create fiction. Having read several books now, lately the 40 rules of love, I have had the beautiful and opportunity of learning, growing, questioning and feeling by accompanying the lives of your figures in the book. Every one of them gave me the chance to reflect on my live and other peoples lives and the way we interact with each other. Thank you for your strenghts and clarity to create circles of mind and feeling, of people and their cultures, of inequality and rights, of past and future. I hope that your work might be translated to German, since I would love to share your writings with other people in my surrounding who neither know English or Turkish that well. Best from Berlin

 - Kelsey (13.06.2011)

 Hello Elif. You answered almost every question I presently have or began asking myself in The 40 Rules of Love while I was reading it. This book really moved me, and helped put words to thoughts I have often had but didn´t quite know how to articulate. What I found even more moving was how I am in the same place you were in college when you took an interest in sufism. Thank you for this wonderful read and I look forward to reading the rest of your books :)

 - Sonja (8.06.2011)

 I consider it a gift from the universe that i was introduced to your work. Your ability to transcend time and culture and address the core of humanity, is astounding. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

 - Reem Alwan (17.04.2011)

 Dear Elf Shafak, I just read forty rules of love and I didn’t realize that my family and I are sufi in thinking it felt as if you were living with us and repeating all of our words and the we think. I loved the book so much, I loved the way it was written (first person) by each and every character in the book I loved it so much my mother also loved it so much she read it and reread it again and so will i, good thing we have your other books too but its a great honor to contact you. Best regards Reem

 - Claudia (8.03.2011)

 I have just read all the 15 pages of comments on your books, it is absolutely fascinating to see there is not one, negative. You have a gift!, because you are a Gift to the world! Thank you!
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